how to test website speed | Best way to check website speed.

how to test website speed and why web site speed is thus vital
There’s nothing additional frustrating than making an attempt to go to an internet site solely to be greeted by pages and pictures that take forever to load. during this day and age, even the slightest delay will send users back to the search page look for out|to search out} another web site with the data they seek.

Website speed is very important once making an attempt to retain guests — thus, if you have got a hunch that your website is insulant, it would be time to check and improve its speed.

How to check web site Speed.

How do you test website speed? How does it impact your website? Is there a way to make your site faster for users? These are just a few questions you might have as a site owner.

Luckily, there square measure several tools and tips for testing and boosting website|web website speed to form positive your audience contains a positive expertise on your site that keeps them returning.

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Before we tend to dive into the choices, let’s cross-check what web site speed means that and why it matters.

What is web site speed ?

Website speed is however quickly your web site hundreds for users. this is often supported a median of multiple page speeds — page speed, or page load time, refers to however long it takes for the weather like text and pictures on a page to totally load.

These days, web site guests square measure usually turned off by even the slightest delay — in reality, analysis has shown that somebody is probably going to click removed from your website if it takes quite four hundred milliseconds — a literal blink of a watch — to load.

Why will web site speed matter ?

As we tend to mentioned, website speed will quickly confirm whether or not a user sticks around on your web site or not. however it’s really even additional vital than that.

Search engines, significantly Google, place significant importance on website speed once deciding that websites to point out at the highest of the computer programme results page (SERP).

Sorry, however you only can’t be much loved if your website is moving too slow! web site speed improvement helps increase computer programme improvement, or SEO) — thus, it shouldn’t be neglected.

How to Improve web site Speed.

Once you’ve determined your web site speed for each desktop and mobile, you’ll most likely begin to surprise the way to create your website quicker and additional economical.

This is the method of web site improvement, which might facilitate increase your rankings within the SERP, retain audiences for extended, secure additional leads and even boost sales. If you’re able to begin optimizing your web site speed, look into HubSpot’s free course on web site improvement to grasp web site improvement from the bottom up and find out how to form your web site the simplest it will presumably be.

Website Speed check Tools (and web site Speed check for Mobile).

You might be inquisitive the way to check your web site speed — as luck would have it, there square measure several web site speed check tools, likewise as web site speed tests for mobile, to help.

1.Google PageSpeed Insights.

It is smart that if you’re making an attempt to spice up web site speed and, by extension, SEO that you’d address a research engine for insight. Google’s PageSpeed Insights may be a {website|web website} speed testing tool that scores your site speed on a variety from zero to a hundred — the upper the score, the better.

Google PageSpeed Insights can generate tests for each desktop and mobile, too, followed by suggestions to boost your speed score. whereas there’s loads of useful info with this tool, it’s best for consultants and developers instead of beginners.


Like Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom ranks your web site speed from zero to a hundred, however this tool is thought to be easier to navigate and higher for beginners. you’ll check supported location, and it’ll tell you your score, page load time, page size, and total requests likewise as supply suggestions for rising speed.

Pingdom offers additional elaborate analyses, too, to assist anyone — from novice to knowledgeable — troubleshoot issues and create enhancements quickly.


GTMetrix is good for beginners. Log in if you wish to perform multiple tests across numerous browsers, locations, and connections, and your free account can save your previous twenty tests and associated information.

Compare information across completely different tests and transfer the generated falls charts to assist you discover something that’s swiftness down your web site.


Created by a Google Chrome engineer, WebPageTest may be a free website speed checking tool with additional advanced information and insights than several different free tools supply (although there’s a straightforward test choice if you’re searching for one thing additional straightforward).

Test your web site speed across numerous browsers, devices, and locations, and therefore the tool can even generate reports and insights to spot problems and improve website speed.


Sematext may be a distinctive DevOps tool that mixes all aspects of performance watching. additionally to providing time period alerts and debugging solutions, support for all major frameworks, and end-to-end visibility and observability, it provides Sematext Synthetics.

With this feature, you’ll check web site speed across multiple locations and completely different devices. you’ll conjointly track Core net organ, among different metrics, and benchmark your site’s performance against competitors.


Test your web site for complimentary across numerous browsers, locations, and devices with Uptrends. It’s as simple as writing in your domain and selecting one in all eleven locations. Then, watch your website speed as you flip between desktop, mobile, and numerous browsers.

From there, Uptrends can show you your Google PageSpeed score, load time, and requests likewise as offer suggestions for performance enhancements.


DareBoost offers web site speed tests and watching services to assist you maintain or improve web site speeds. The tool analyzes quite eighty kinds of information, that means you’ll be ready to quickly determine weak spots for improvement. the look is easy and ideal for providing easy-to-digest reports.

8.New Relic

If you’re willing to financially invest in rising your website speed, New Relic may be a useful tool that gives several details regarding however your web site is playing. The tool will do speed tests for mobile and show you response times for your plugins and themes.

New Relic conjointly offers automatic notifications once web site speed drops, thus you’ll investigate additional and resolve the problem quicker.

9.Google Mobile web site Speed Testing Tool

It’s additional vital than ever to own a mobile-compatible, responsive, and quick web site. Google’s mobile {site|website|web website} speed testing tool analyzes your mobile site speed, quickly notifies you of load times, and offers recommendations to extend speed on mobile devices.

Type in your domain thus Google will tell you your website speed in exactly seconds — modification the situation and affiliation (it defaults to 4G) for additional details. As you scroll through the report, Google offers many tips for optimizing your web site to boost conversion rates and sales, too.

Improve Your web site Speed.

Website speed is quite simply a attainable nuisance to your audience. A slow web site will hurt SEO, resulting in lower search rankings, fewer clicks, less leads, and a decrease in sales. By taking the time to check and improve your web site speed, you’re conjointly investment within the overall well-being of your web site.

how to test website speed

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