How to Start a WordPress Blog – Easy Guide – Create a Blog (2021)

Start a WordPress Blog:-Do you wish to start out a WordPress journal the correct way? we all know that beginning a journal may be a terrific thought especially once you aren’t geeky. Guess what – you’re not alone. Having helped over four hundred,000+ users produce a journal, we’ve got determined to make the foremost comprehensive guide a way to begin a WordPress journal with no technical data.

What does one ought to begin a WordPress blog?

There square measure 3 stuff you ought to produce a WordPress blog:

  • A domain name plan (this are the name of your journal i.e
  • A web hosting account (this is wherever your web site live to tell the tale the internet)
  • Your undivided attention for half-hour.

Yes, you scan it right. you’ll begin a journal from scratch in but a half-hour, and that we can walk you thru the total method, step by step.

In this tutorial, we will cover:

  • How to Register a Custom Domain Name for Free
  • How to Choose the Best Web Hosting
  • How to Install and Setup WordPress Blog
  • How to Change Your Blog Design Template
  • How to Write Your First Blog Post
  • How to Customize WordPress Blog with Plugins
  • How to Add a Contact Form
  • How to Setup Google Analytics Tracking
  • How to Optimize Your Website for SEO
  • How to Make Money From Your Blog
  • Resources to Learn and Master WordPress

Ready? Let’s get started.

Step 1. Setup

The biggest mistake beginners create once building a journal is selecting the incorrect blogging platform. fortunately, you’re here, thus you won’t be creating that mistake.

For ninety-fifth of users, it makes a lot of sense to use conjointly called self-hosted WordPress. Why?

Because it’s open supply that means 100% liberal to use, you’ll install plugins, customize your journal style, and most significantly create cash from your journal with no restrictions (see the distinction between vs

WordPress is additionally the amount one website platform employed by all productive blogs. to place in perspective, forty seconds of all websites on the net use WordPress!

Now you would possibly be curious why is WordPress free? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. It’s free as a result of you’ve got to try and do the setup and host it yourself.

In different words, you wish a {website|a site} name and web hosting.

A domain name is what folks sort to induce to your website. It’s your website’s address on the net. assume or

Web hosting is wherever your website files live. It’s your website’s house on the net. each website desires net hosting.

A new name usually prices around $14.99 / year, and net hosting plans usually price $7.99 / month.

That’s a great deal of cash for beginners World Health Organization square measure simply beginning out.

Thankfully, Bluehost, an officer WordPress counseled hosting supplier, has united to supply our users a free name and over an hour off on net hosting.

Bluehost is one of the oldest net hosting firms on the net. they’re conjointly the most important brand once it involves WordPress hosting as a result of they host a lot of websites as well as several of our own.

On prime of all this, Bluehost has been operating with WordPress since 2005, and that they square measure committed to giving back. That’s why they need the secure USA that if you can’t get your journal online at intervals half-hour by following this tutorial, then our knowledgeable team can complete the method for you with no value. they’ll compensate the USA, thus you don’t get to. Contact us for a complimentary journal setup facilitate.

Let’s go ahead and buy your domain + hosting.

Open up Bluehost during a new window and follow on.

The first factor you wish to try and do is click on the inexperienced start currently button to induce started.

On the consequent screen, choose the arrange that you simply want (basic and ar the foremost popular).

After that, you’ll be asked to enter the name of your website.

Lastly, you’ll get to add your account data and end the package information to finish the method. we have a tendency to advocate going with the 36-month arrangement as a result of that’s the simplest worth. It allows you to extend the first savings to three years.

On this screen, you’ll see facultative extras that you simply should purchase. It’s entirely up to you whether or not or not you get these, however, we have a tendency to typically don’t advocate getting them at once. you’ll be able to continually add them presently if you choose that you simply want them.

Once completed, you’ll receive an Associate in Nursing email with details on a way to log in to your internet hosting panel (cPanel). this can be wherever you manage everything from support, emails, among alternative things. however most significantly, this can be wherever you put it in WordPress.

Step 2. Install WordPress

When you signup with the redo of Bluehost mistreatment of our link, they’re going to mechanically install WordPress for you. This redo was recently launched to create it easier for non-techy users to make their blogs.

What this suggests is you just have to be compelled to login to your Bluehost account then click the Login to WordPress button to induce started.

You can conjointly log in to WordPress by merely about to directly from your browser.

If you’re employing a totally different WordPress weblog hosting service like SiteGround, HostGator, WP Engine, etc, then you’ll see our comprehensive guide on a way to install WordPress for gradual directions for those suppliers.

Once WordPress is ready up, you’re able to customize your blog’s look to create it your own and begin blogging.

Step 3. Selecting Your WordPress Theme

The visual look of your WordPress weblog is controlled by themes. once you 1st visit your weblog, it’ll look one thing like this:

This is not terribly appealing to the general public.

Customizing the planning and feel of your weblog is far and away one among the foremost exciting and gratifying half of the journey of making your WordPress weblog.

There are thousands of pre-made WordPress themes that you just will install on your website. a number of them are free themes, whereas others are paid premium themes.

You can modification your theme by getting to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on look » Themes.

Go ahead and click on on the Add New button.

On the succeeding screen, you’ll be ready to search from eight,200+ free WordPress themes that are offered within the official themes directory. you’ll kind by common, latest, featured, also as alternative feature filters (i.e industry, layout, etc).

You can take your mouse over to a topic, and you’ll see a Preview button. Clicking on that can open the theme preview wherever you’ll see however the planning would look on your website.

The preview of your theme might not look specifically as shown within the screenshot, that is traditional as you’ll get to customize and set it up later. What you wish to seem for is style, colors, typography, and alternative components.

The best tip to pick the proper WordPress theme is to attempt simplicity in style. It helps you retain things clean and clear whereas giving decent expertise to your users.

If you wish to facilitate choosing a topic, then please talk to our orient nine stuff you ought to contemplate once choosing an ideal WordPress theme.

When you have found the theme that you just like, merely bring your mouse on that, and it’ll show the Install button. Click on that and expect the theme to be put in. After that, the install button is going to be replaced with the Associate in Nursing Activate button. you wish to click on that to Activate the theme.

Once you have got put in your theme, you’ll customize it by clicking on the customize link beneath the looks menu.

Depending on the theme you select, there’ll be inbuilt widgets and customization choices that allow you to tweak your weblog style.

You can get even a lot of style management with a WordPress page builder like SeedProd or Divi that allows you to produce a custom header, footer, sidebar, and a lot of while not writing any markup language code.

These plugins offer you a lot of style management than what you get with Wix or Squarespace whereas providing you with the total freedom of the powerful WordPress content management system.

Once you have got elect your WordPress theme, you’re currently able to produce your 1st weblog post.

Step 4. Creating Your First Blog Post

To write a weblog post, click on the Posts » Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard.

You will see the Associate in Nursing editor space wherever you’ll be able to write your initial weblog post.

WordPress uses a block-based editor wherever every part could be a block. this permits you to form lovely content layouts for your weblog posts.

To inform yourself of the editor, see our WordPress block editor tutorial.

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Once you’re done writing, plow ahead and click on on the Publish button on the top-right corner of the screen to form your weblog post publically obtainable.

On the posts screen, you’ll notice many alternative sections like classes and Tags. you’ll be able to use these to prepare your weblog posts into sections. we’ve got an excellent writeup on the distinction between classes vs tags, that we tend to extremely suggest that you just browse.

To utilize all the options on the posts screen, you must browse our article on a way to add a brand new post in WordPress (video included).

Often beginners area unit confused between posts and pages menu within the WordPress dashboard. That’s why we’ve got additionally written an entire orientate on the distinction between posts vs pages in WordPress.

If you wish to facilitate springing up with new weblog post concepts to put in writing regarding, then here’s a superb guide that has 103 weblog post concepts that you just will indite nowadays.

Here’s another orientate seventy-three sorts of weblog topics that area unit verified to figure.

You can additionally follow this tutorial from Blogtyrant on a way to write a decent weblog post (12 professional tips) which is able to assist you to write nice content.

Step 5. Plugins & Customizations

Once you’ve got written your 1st sample journal post, you most likely wish to induce started with adding different usual parts on your website like contact forms, galleries, sliders, email list, etc.

To add to these further options, you would like to use plugins.

WordPress plugins area unit apps that permit you to feature new options to your website (without writing any code).

There are units over 58,000 WordPress plugins accessible within the free WordPress plugin directory alone. this suggests despite what you wish to accomplish, there’s a plugin for it.

We have a step-by-step guide on the way to install a WordPress plugin.

That being aforesaid, let’s take a glance at the way to use plugins to feature some essential options in your WordPress journal.

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress

Every website desires a contact type. It permits your users to email you directly. Since WordPress doesn’t go together with an integral contact type, you’ll want a WordPress type builder plugin to feature a contact type on your website.

We suggest victimization of the WPForms fat-free plugin. it’s a free version of the favored WPForms plugin, which is #1 in our list of best contact type plugins for WordPress.

Over four million websites use WPForms!

You can install the plugin by planning to Plugins » Add New page and writing WPForms within the search box. Next, you would like to click “Install” then “Activate”. Upon activation, you would like to move over to WPForms » Add New page {to create|to make|to type} your initial form.

This will open the WPForms builder interface.

First, you would like to enter a reputation for your contact type then click on the ‘Simple Contact Form’ guide.

WPForms can currently produce a straightforward contact type for you with all the desired fields. you’ll click on any field to alter it or add a replacement field from the left column.

Once you’re done writing the shape, click on the Save button at the highest right corner then exit the shape builder.

You can currently produce a replacement page in WordPress by planning to Pages » Add New and decision it ‘Contact’. On the edit screen, you would like to enter the WPForms block into the editor.

After that, choose the shape you created earlier from the sink menu and WPForms can load a live preview of the shape within the editor.

You can currently save and publish the page and visit it in your browser to ascertain your contact type in action.

It’s best to apply to check your type to form certain you’re receiving the notifications. If you don’t get the notification, then you ought to see our guide as a way to fix WordPress, not causation emails.

If you would like a lot of elaborate directions, then see our step-by-step guide on a way to produce a contact type in WordPress.

As a blogger, the most effective half regarding WPForms is that it grows with you. other than easy contact forms, you’ll additionally use them to form reader surveys, polls, guest post submission forms, and more.

How to Setup Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics helps you see what number folks square measure visiting your web log, wherever they’re coming back from, and what square measure they doing on your web site.

It is best to put in Google Analytics once beginning your web log, thus you’ll be able to see what proportion your web log has mature over time.

First, you would like to go to Google Analytics web site and register exploitation your Gmail account.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to act and sign on for a free Google Analytics account.

You will be asked to supply your data and web site uniform resource locator. After that, you may be given together with your Google Analytics trailing code.

You can stop here as a result of we’ll be employing a plugin to mechanically fetch and add this code to your web log (along with putting in correct WordPress tracking).

Switch to your WordPress admin space to put in and activate the MonsterInsights plugin. it’s the free version of the simplest Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, and it’s the best thanks to add Google Analytics on your website (trusted by over three million websites).

Upon activation, you would like to go to Insights » Settings page to piece the plugin settings.

On the settings page, click on the ‘Connect MonsterInsights’ button to attach Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

Follow the on-screen directions to finish the setup. Once done, you may be able to see your web site analytics report straight from your WordPress dashboard beneath the MonsterInsights tab.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog for SEO

Most beginners don’t optimize for SEO once making a journal. SEO or computer programme improvement helps users notice your journal in search engines.

If you would like a lot of traffic, then it’s crucial that you just optimize your journal for SEO right from the start.

To get started, 1st you would like to put in and activate the beat All in One SEO plugin. it’s the whole WordPress SEO plugin which will assist you optimize your journal.

The plugin comes with a fast configuration wizard to assist you practice the started. it’ll assist you setup a WordPress sitemap, write correct keywords and meta description, add schema markup, and a full ton a lot of.

We additionally advocate you to follow our complete step by step WordPress SEO guide to line up your blog’s SEO.

Now there square measure different SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, RankMath, etc, however we have a tendency to advocate mistreatment AIOSEO as a result of it offers the foremost beginner friendly interface for brand new bloggers.

Aside from a WordPress SEO plugin, you’ll be able to additional optimize your journal content by employing a keyword analysis tool. These SEO tools assist you come back up with new content concepts that individuals square measure checking out around your topic.

You can even see the precise keywords your competitors square measure ranking for, thus you’ll be able to produce higher content and excel them.

This helps you maximize the traffic on your new journal website right from the start. For a lot of details, see our newbie’s orientate a way to do keyword analysis for your own journal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having helped thousands of individuals begin a web log, we’ve got answered quite ton of queries. Below ar the answers to the foremost commonly asked questions about making a web-blog.

Can I create a blog without WordPress?


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