21 Essential WhatsApp tricks in Hindi you should know

WhatsApp tricks in Hindi.From managing storage to sharing files between your phone and laptop, we have lots of tips for you.

WhatsApp is that the world’s most well liked instant electronic communication app, and permanently reason — it gets a gradual stream of updates, incorporates a long list of options, and supports a good vary of devices. There’s very little marvel why it’s hit the billion user mark. wish to induce the foremost out of the platform? We’ve got a couple of essential WhatsApp tricks you ought to use.

How to create bold, italicized, or strikethrough text

It’s been around for a moment currently, however you’d be stunned what number individuals don’t understand this neat WhatsApp trick.

Simply place associate asterisk (*) at the start and finish of the required word or sentence and you’ll create it daring. therefore if you’d prefer to daring the word biscuit, you’ll have to be compelled to kind *biscuit*. an equivalent goes for italics, solely with associate underscore (_) on either facet of the required text instead. To strike through text, you’ll have to be compelled to add a diacritical mark (~) to the start and finish of the required passage. There’s conjointly associate choice to produce monospace text, by adding 3 grave accents (`) to either facet of the text.

Want a better thanks to do all this? Then highlight the word or passage in question, faucet a lot of and make a choice from daring, italicize, strikethrough, or monospace. This doesn’t work on all devices although, therefore you may got to do the good distance.

Quote a message in your response

Whether your texting pace is simply too quick or a bunch chat perpetually sees new messages, quoting is one among the simplest WhatsApp tricks to manage context.

To quote somebody, simply swipe right the specified message and it’ll seem at the highest of the text field. this may attach your response to the quoted text (or picture) for all to check. you’ll hold down on a message and faucet the arrow icon on the left to try to to identical factor.

Stop auto-downloading via mobile data

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